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Why should plates be identical?

Why does a wineglass have a stem?

Why is the tableware composition always the same?


Across the world chefs are challenging our senses and understanding of gastronomy through spectacular food experiences. But even if food is being explored like never before, we have for centuries followed the same recipe when we set the table. In her first solo exhibition Things That Never Made It To The Table designer Christel Thue breaks the traditional settings around the meal.

The elements of the table have significance on how we experience a meal. Eating with a white spoon will make food taste sweeter than on black. A research project from University of Oxford shows that the colour, shape and weight of tableware affect our taste experience. This made Christel Thue take a closer look at the component of the table.

The exhibition is focused around the three ceramic sets Ocean, Plant and Wild. The collections are inspired from the Danish seasons and its natural ingredients. The plates are composed of different clays, which create a graphic and colourful expression. The ceramic is supported by mouth blown glass and hand forged eating tools. All together the elements create an alternative to the classic table settings.